Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Amores Perros (2000) Review

I taped this one day, hearing the rave reviews and didn't see it until a month later. I am so glad I saw. This had to be one of the best movies and best foreign movie I've seen in a long time. It is a bit long, but you get so involved in the three stories that it doesn't seem that long. The sexual tension and the violent dog fights help the intense stories come to life. It was so terribly real and the acting is superb especially by gael...I also saw Y Tu Mama right after I saw this having gotten the DVD a while back and I loved that movie too with all of its' liveliness. If you want to see a great could be better than Pulp Fiction...see this - the dog scenes are hard to watch but in the end, you'll wish you did.

Roman Holiday (Special Collector's Edition) (1953) Review

Roman holiday-a time of enjoyment derived from the suffering of others.

Well, that's a dictionary's definition, but I guarantee that suffering is the diametric opposite for anyone watching Audrey Hepburn's starring debut. Ms. Hepburn stars as Princess Anne of some unnamed European kingdom. Fed up with her heavily scheduled public relations agenda in the Eternal City, Anne goes into hysterics and flees the palace, but not before the doctor injects her with a powerful sedative. She's rescued by Joe Bradley, a reporter with the American News Service, who takes her to his apartment and being a gentleman, does not take advantage of her in her drugged-out state.

It isn't long before he finds out who she is and after tailing her, "bumps" into her on Rome's Spanish Steps, where she's had a new haircut and enjoying an ice cream. There was difficulty in shooting this scene due to the heckling of spectators.

Bradley enlists the aid of Irving Radovic, a photographer, promising to cut him in on an exclusive story he wants to make on the princess. Some of the things he does to Irving to prevent their game from getting rumbled would only work in this kind of comedy. Together, the princess, ostensibly incognito to her charges, gets the free day she wants. Her half-lie that she's a schoolgirl playing hookey only makes her outing all the more fun.

The title concept holds true as Anne goes walkabout while causing her chaperones much alarm, to the extent of sending men-in-black after her. Also, Anne's excursion takes place in the Eternal City after all. But it's also one for Bradley, whose boss wants him to get an exclusive on the princess, and Bradley's initial exploitative objective eventually turns into a holiday he wants Anne to have. Also, the phrase "Roman holiday" is derived from the gladiatorial contests the ancient Romans enjoyed, especially in the Colisseum, which ironically is where the half-insensate Anne mumbles as her place of residence to Bradley upon their first meeting.

There are also a few bits of slapstick involved. One is the Mouth of Truth scene, the relic sculpted on the Colisseum, a face with eyes and mouth. Legend says that if a liar sticks his/her hand in there, it will be bitten off. Something silly does happen, which I will not reveal.

This was nominated for ten Academy Awards (but not Best Actor!!!) Surely Gregory Peck's solid, dependable, and ultimately romantically touched performance deserved a nomination at least? Eddie Albert (Irving) was nominated for Best Supporting Actor (and lost). It also lost Best Picture, but won for original screenplay and costume design. Hmm, I seem to have forgotten one, but which one? Hmm... All kidding aside, Audrey Hepburn won, beating out Deborah Kerr, Ava Gardner, and Leslie Caron for Best Actress.

And it took five years for it to reach production. Writer John Dighton was actually blacklisted writer Dalton Trumbo. Co-writer Ian McClellan Hunter had to act as a front, taking credit for the Oscar-winning story for 40 years until a posthumous Oscar was given to Trumbo's widow.

Shot totally in Rome, this unforgettable movie marked Audrey Hepburn's road to stardom. Her photogenic quality is well demonstrated with a fetching smile, that graceful figure, and of course a charming personality. Watching this movie is itself a Roman holiday.

Monday, February 07, 2005

NBA - Larry Bird, A Basketball Legend (25th Anniversary Edition) Review

The Bird Documentary included is actually from about 10 years ago. It has some nice highlights and last about an hour or so.

The three games included are in their entirety, as originally broadcast. I remember watching the game where he scored 60 against Atlanta, and it was great to watch it again. By the end of the game, as Bird continued to drain impossible three-pointers, the players on the Atlanta bench were giving each other high-fives!

And the game featuring the duel against Dominique (after Bird guaranteed victory) is probably the greatest example of two super-stars going head to head...ever. And it was a game seven, no less!

The set contains two double sided discs. So, you have to flip the discs to watch all the games. The packaging doesn't tell you that.

I love the idea of putting classic games on DVD (an idea I had a long, long time ago), but how about an new introduction or player commentary? I get the feeling the NBA didn't put too much effort or money into the packaging. All they did was put an old documentary and some old games onto discs. Still, the content is good, but I would like to see even more of Bird's greatest games (especially from the playoffs). I guess I can buy the "Celtics Dynasty" DVD for that.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

The Little Mermaid (Limited Issue) (1989) Review

I was ready to buy it from you and a note came up saying it couldn't be shipped to Central America. I don't understand why, I can see DVD's from zone 1 and zone 4. I always purchase movies from you, I recently purchased Shrek 2 and Aladdin, which I am expecting to come soon. Please! let us get them here, the same happened with 2 computer games from the learning Company I wanted for my daughter.

Star Trek The Original Series - The Complete First Season (1966) Review

Priced at about double what it should be, and lacking the pilot. Nice extras, but not worth the extra bucks. Good to see all the shows in one package, but lets get the price down!

Saturday, February 05, 2005

The Shining (1980) Review

Wow is this movie good.

Anyone that has read the book the shining will notice small and sequence changes between the book story and the movie story. However I, as a person that has read the book, don't feel like the movie let the story down by making slight plot changes. Infact i feel like kubric did a good job of adding and adjusting parts of the plot to make the story more appealing on screen. Several differences between the movie and book are 1) jack torrances charachter. In the book, Jack Torrance , who is the caretaker of the hotel, is a family loving man who has done wrong in the past but is trying to change. He interperets the actions in his life that he has done as nothing but natural reactions to "wasp stings" as he calls them, which are basically what society has done to him and has forced him to react badily upon. Such as when he breaks his sons arm he feels like it wasnt really his fault he was forced to do it because of his sons bad behavior "wasp stings". In the book Jack Torrance is a family loving man with remorse for what he does.. however in the movie Jack Torrance is shown to be a lunatic with no real reasons for his anger and his bad temperment. This change i felt was intelligently done by kubric. Rather than having the hotel serve as the monster(and the possesed one), Kubric turns Jack Torrance's charachter into that. The result of this is plenty of action and drama into a story whos book version failed miserably towards the ending. Also the ending of the movie story is different than the book story. The shining is filled with plenty of action and excitement, and most of all the plot is done well. I was not scared by the movie, however dont take that as a bad thing because i rarely if ever get scared watching a horror movie. Jack Nicholson was absolutely brilliant in this movie and he really made it into the classic that it was.. I cant imagine anyone else playing his part. I loved this movie the action and even some humor was brilliant. The old woman tub scene was pretty close to any scare that i got in the movie.. she reminds me of the charachter zelda in pet semetary, but worse..if you can believe that. Excellent movie 5 stars i give this. Not the scariest horror movie ive ever seen (amityville is that) but its definelty the best horror movie that ive ever seen.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Hot Shots! Part Deux (1993) Review

This movie is the 2nd funniest movie of all time, only because the first hot shots movie is slightly better and funnier. I'm still wondering where the DVD version of this is ? I'm wearing out my vhs tape watching this over and over again. Pat Proft is so good at comedy and if you watch Wrongfully Accused you realize he's responsible for some of the funniest parts of the movie and the classic, hilarious sound effects and sound humor.
You can't own Hot Shots without owing this, i love movies like this, that even the credits are funny. People actually stayed in the theater to watch the credits. Lloyd Bridges just makes this movie and Charlie Sheen is a great comedy actor. The Scene with the bow and arrow and the chicken is the classic scene from this movie, too bad they showed it in the trailer, when the movie came out. Can't have one without the other. Own both of the hot shots movies.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Baby Boom (1987) Review

I love Diane Keaton! This movie is so sweet. I love how she sacrified so much for this relationship with the child. Good plot, great story line.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Nightmare on Elm Street Collection (1999) Review

Contains all 7 nightmare on elm street films plus an eighth disk called the Nightmare series Encyclopedia, its really cool and has facts about all 7 nightmare films but its like a game and you have to get through the maze or Labryinth and find all the clues to unlock certain things. A documentary exploring the labryinth, and dvd rom content and you can save freddy to your computer screen and when you push button he pops up-Has cool packaging with freddy on the cover and comes with 3-d glasses for the freddy's dead film. My only complaint is the snap cases the dvd's are in. They fingerprint easy and sometimes they are harder to shut or snap close. The best films in the series i think are the original and the nightmare on elm street 3 dream warriors.
1.The original nightmare on elm street- 5 stars out of 5 stars
2.Freddy revenge- 2-3 stars
3.Dream warriors- 5 stars
4.The dream master-4 stars
5.The dream child-3.5- 4 stars
6.Freddys dead- 2-3 stars
7.wes cravens new nightmare-4.5 stars
8.Nightmare series encyclopedia-5 out of 5 stars
Overall great box set/worth the money
Also includes a cool booklet inside all about freddy

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