Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Millennium Actress (2001) Review

If Perfect Blue had better animaton, it would look like this. Millennium Actress is a beautifully crafted film. Told in a very original perspective, in the eyes of a former actress but followed by two film makers.

My only beef with this DVD is, well the DVD. The features listed on the back of the cover mention a commentary by director/writer Satoshi Kon. There is no commentary on this disc like there was on the Region 2 release. There is however a nice documentary on the film in the extras along with the U.S. trailer. The main problem with the disc comes in on the language set up. Picking either a subtitle or a audio takes you right back to the top menu which is a pain because you have to go back again if you want something else. It's just not a good menu.

But anyway, if you are prejudice against Japanese Animation, slap yourself and see this film. Anyone who has the least bit of interest in film will love this.


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